Even His No Is Good

I saw this the other day, and thought I’d share. So many times I have felt that God’s “no” to me was so unfair…possibly even unreasonable. I felt like His “no” was to keep me from having fun and locked away. But as the days of my life have rolled through, I have realized, over and over, that He knows so much better than me. His “no” was not to inflict pain, but to cover me from it. His “no” was a stamp of His love on my life. His “no” was meant to be the umbrella in the storms life brought. Some times I listened, other times I didn’t. It has all made me a better person, and has taught me that listening to His “no” is always far better than rejecting what He says to please myself. His “no” has made me better, and has set me up for the greatest “yes’s” a girl could ever dream or ask for.

1 thought on “Even His No Is Good”

  1. Great reminder! Thanks for the post.
    I think we believe that “no” is unfair because we are His children. I thought the same thing as a kid when my parents said “no.” Now, as a parent, I know “no.” I don’t wish to deny my children something good but I do hope to protect them. “No” = love.

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