His Love

His Love Image

God is love…

His love is one that is uncanny and unmatched to anything ever seen in all of humanity. It is just, yet graceful; it is stern yet tender; it keeps us in times when we should be let go; it is steady when our choices and habits make the ground of our lives rocky and turbulent. It is patient and kind when we are hasty and disingenuous. It is forgiving and it is willing to walk us through the hurricane winds of unforgiveness that pressure us to discard those that have ushered in the storms of hurt and pain into our lives. It is selfless when we are selfish and self-seeking. It is a healing balm to our wounds that ooze out infectious toxins that debilitate and cripple us from moving forward in our lives.

His love deeply penetrates like a scalpel making an incision for surgery; opening us up to remove what has caused the toxicity within us. His love cleanses us of bitterness, hate, insecurity, confusion, rebellion, hopelessness, brokeness, unrighteousness, emptiness, unforgiveness, pain that was never meant to cause the damage that it did, hurt that was never given to Him to deal with that has lingered within us that’s caused a cancerous-like mass of disdain toward people, situations, and relationships. His love severs roots of old that have tried to choke out our purpose, our dreams, our light, and our wonder from within us. Christ’s love is one that soothes and cleanses like soap and water to a skinned knee; it wipes away the dust and dirt of this world that has sliced into hearts and minds and bandages us up delicately to allow us to heal in such a way that causes us to become better versions of who we were even before we encountered the heavy-handed hit of the world to our lives. 

Oh! How beautiful is this love?! 

He embodies a love so world-renowned that all of mankind is chasing after it but with misinformation of where to find it. So instead of tapping into the Original Spring, we go out and try to find it in broken relationships, turned up bottles, pill concoctions, and hallucinogens that get us off-balanced. We try to find it in titles, affirmations, and validations. We look for it in chasing money, gossip, and in all the “latest and greatest” things. We look for it in the universe, nature, rocks, crystal and good energy. We seek higher powers that don’t talk back to us and lead us only to destruction. And we even turn inwardly to ourselves as our own high power, believing that we know, in our own finite knowledge, what’s best for us.

So we miss it. We miss the opportunity to get to know the love of the One who created us with a purpose in mind. We miss experiencing the purest love that we will ever find. Love that is patient and kind. Love that keeps no record of wrongs, and a love that picks us up when we fall without a condemning grasp. We miss the opportunity to experience a father’s love; our Father, the One and True Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ Himself. 

In Him is the love, joy, peace, strength, and hope we look for in day to day occurrences, but the truth is, there is only one way to experience fulfillment, purpose and the wholeness we are all striving to experience…through getting to know the One who fashioned your days and created each of us with a special, unique design. Experiencing God’s love is the only way to satisfy the hunger in our lives we are so desperately trying to feed. He is the only One that has what it takes to satisfy the appetite of our unending desires. He is waiting for us to come to Him with a simple asking for His love because within Him is all that we need.   

God Bless.

Arnita Faith